Let Smart Bar rock the party for you.

The best gets even better. Smart Bar is a new, convenient, party utility machine which can interact directly with the user and dispense the drink of his choice and proportion.

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Loaded with features to make perfect
drink an easy task.

14 Bottles
Smart Bar has 14 bottle space and pumps so that you can make complex drinks with upto 14 ingredients. These pumps are accurate and gives the desired drink which can also be saved for future consumption.

Wireless Control
You can control your smartbar with a wireless android tablet that comes with the machine or from any other android device if you wish. To download the app click here

Customizable Drink Recipes

Smart Bar allows you to use any combination of 14 ingredients installed in the machine and make a custom drink every time or you can also dispense from any of the saved drinks for even faster dispensing.


What's Inside it ?

Smart Bar gives you complete control of each ML that you want to add in your drink. Smart Bar app gives you many options to play with your drinks -

  • Preset Popular drinks
  • Make custom drinks
  • Save new drinks for future use
  • Keep history of dispensed drinks
  • Automatic drink price calculator
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Power Freindly and Precise Pumps

Take control of each ML in your drink

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  • 14 Bottles capacity
  • For Bars, Restaurants and Banquet halls
  • Android App
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Download Smart Bar App

If you have a Smart Bar machine then just download our app and start making awesome drinks with just a touch of your fingers.

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