Fast, Compact & Efficient for your house gatherings & parties

Smart Bar Mini is a perfect choice for your perfect drink. Get your parties and gatherings happening with our Smart Bar Mini exclusively made for personal use at home.

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Why Mini ?

Smart Bar Mini is a smaller version of Smart Bar with a capacity to load 8 bottles. It has been designed for personal use and house gatherings so that you can make drinks for your guests instantly without any hassle and difference in taste.

Key features

Perfect drink made easy

Wireless Control

SmartBar Mini just like it's bigger version is controlled wirelessly through an android app so that you can make drinks through your phone easily.

Customizable drinks

Smart Bar Mini has enough space to fit your juices, soft drinks and hard drinks to make a tasty combination of all through the app.

8 Bottle Capacity

Smart Bar Mini has a capacity to fit 8 bottles at a time. So you can install all your favourite drinks and dispense whenever you feel like.


Ready for Party ?

Smart Bar mini is small yet powerfull to get your party started

  • Fast dispensing within a few seconds
  • Customizable drinks menu
  • Preset popular drink recipes
  • Save new drinks
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If you have a Smart Bar Mini machine then just download our app and start making awesome drinks with just a touch of your fingers.

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