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About Us

Adelantos Technologies is technology start up, working towards developing new products which improves
efficiency in the routine tasks of our modern lives. Adelantos Technologies Private Limited was incorporated on 2nd December 2015,
We believe in creating products that make things convenient,
fun and provide an enhanced user experience.

Smart Bar,
Your Automatic Bar tender

Want to make a drink perfect to your taste ?

SmartBar is an automatic drink mixing machine which gives you vareity of drinks according to your taste. It's a new, convenient, party utility machine which can interact directly with the user and dispense the drink of his choice. It comes with an User-Friendly software application and a tablet to operate the machine.

Product Features

Fast Dispensing

Smart Bar dispenses even very complex drinks with great speed. So that your waiting time is very less.

Accurate Mixing

Smart Bar can dispense different ingredients accurately.

Unlimited Recipes

Smart Bar app has a feature to save as many drinks as you like along with the popular presets.

Power Efficent

Smart Bar consumes very low electricity and therefore is a very power freindly machine.

Smart Bar Mini for home

Want Smart Bar for home too ?

Smart Bar Mini is a smaller version of Smart Bar with 8 bottle capacity. Efficient, User friendly like its bigger variant. It is perfect for house parties and other family occasions.

So what are you waiting for ? Get one for yourself today and make it your next gathering's point of attraction.

Stay detoxified & younger with Detox Bar

Are you a health freak, we have something for you too.

Detox Bar is a health drink dispenser for Gyms, Health clubs and other health centers.
Our Detox concentrated drinks help to naturally reduce inflammation, boost energy, improve digestion and cleanse the vital organs of our body. There are numerous fruits, vegetables and herbs that stimulate detoxification while providing vitamins and minerals that keep the body functioning properly.

User freindly App

Your Smart Bar and Detox Bar comes with a incredible easy to use Android App
that you can directly download to unlock the potential of your Mix & Dispense machine.


Do you like it ? Order a machine for yourself now.
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New Delhi, Pin code - 110015

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